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Bob Marley: everything happens for a reason

Powerful people wanted Marley dead. They tried to assassinate him and failed. Later he got cancer. Eventually he died. In the end, Bob Marley was dead just the same as if he was assassinated. In the end, no one was accountable for his death. It was a WIN WIN for the powerful. Lucky for them he got cancer and died.

That is the "beauty" of a death by "natural" causes: it's nobody's fault. It is cruel fate, the vagaries of the human body, the mysterious genome.....

It Was God's Will.
It Was Meant To Happen.
Everything Happens For A Reason.

The American Cancer Society, just one of many organizations dedicated to cancer, is a billion dollar a year boondoggle that's been in place for almost 100 years. No luck with the cure yet. Perhaps you should buy something pink, as part of the research and AWARENESS campaign for breast cancer.

How about a pink jet?

Who can say how many billions of dollars are poured into the cancer industry, each year, year after year; and hardly anyone raises an eyebrow and finds it odd that the brilliant scientists can't ever seem to find a cure, as our environment and food supply are continually degraded with pollutants, also coming from the laboratories.

To our mind, it is absolutely plausible and extremely likely that cancer can be artificially induced on a specific target. Is that not how cancer *always* develops? Something causes it. YOUR genes. YOUR diet. YOUR failure to exercise. YOUR failure to quit smoking those horribly addictive wads. Certainly we must realize that the causes, the mechanism of how various pollutants cause cancer, has been studied and understood with some of the billions and billions of research monies devoted to cancer over the past hundred years? Good luck doing everything right and avoiding the invisible cancer-causing particles coating everything you touch and breathe. Sorry about those invisible particles. Unfortunately, that is nobody's fault.

From there it is a tiny leap of the imagination to think that if powerful people wanted someone dead, and they wanted the death to be completely deniable, that they could GIVE the person cancer, very specifically, and then assure that treatments would FAIL to cure the person of cancer. Eventually the person would die, a slow death full of suffering.

In fact that is EXACTLY how Bob Marley died. The only thing you have to entertain is whether you think it is possible, whether the technological understanding exists, whether the malice exists, to GIVE someone cancer. And whether you think it was possible to do those things in the 1970s.

Bob Marley: A healthy man in his prime.

Bob Marley followed an 'ital' diet of primarily fruits and vegetables, and he loved to play soccer. Good diet and exercise. CHECK! He was just very unlucky then, to get cancer IN HIS TOE?

He was gifted a pair of suspect boots in 1976.
Lew Lee, a documentary filmmaker said; "People came by his house. There were always people going in and out. Someone gave Bob a pair of boots. He put his foot in and said "Ow!" A friend got in there - you know how Jamaicans are. He said, "let's get in here" - in the boot, and he pulled a piece of copper wire out. It was embedded in the boot." The assumption is it was radioactive because Marley later broke his toe playing soccer in London and when the bone wouldn't mend, the doctors found that the toe had cancer.

The boots were a gift from Carl Colby, son of the late William Colby, CIA director. William Colby was very much alive at the time.

Surviving an attempt on his life by a well-armed death squad at his Hope Road home in Jamaica, Bob was later given a 'gift' of a new pair of boots by Carl Colby, son of the late CIA director William Colby. When the unsuspecting Marley put them on, something pricked his foot. He then reached into one of the boots and pulled out a piece of copper wire. Many of his closest friends suspected that the wire contained some carcinogenic substance, since Marley contracted cancer shortly thereafter.
William Colby died a suspicious death, by the way, in 1996.  William Colby learned a lot of secrets about the CIA and heroin, Israeli spying, and the CIA's involvement with child sex abuse scandals, during his time as CIA director between 1973 and 1976. He was scheduled to testify before a congressional committee when he suddenly drowned while canoeing at night.

It is important to note the timing and circumstances of the gift boots: a week after the assassination attempt, in early December 1976.

There has since been widespread belief that the CIA arranged the hit on Hope Road. Neville Garrick, a Marley insider and former art director of the Jamaican Daily News, had film of “suspicious characters” lurking near the house before the assassination attempt. The day of the shooting he had snapped some photos of Marley standing beside a Volkswagen in a pool of mango-tree shade. The strangers in the background made Marley nervous; he told Garrick that they appeared to be “scouting” the property. In the prints, however, their features were too blurred by shadow to make out. After the concert, Garrick took the photographs and prints to Nassau. Sadly, while the Wailers and crew prepared to board a flight to London, he discovered that the film had been stolen.

Many of the CIA’s files on Bob Marley remain classified to the present day. However, on December 5, 1976, a week after the assault on Hope Road, the Wailers appeared at the Smile Jamaica fest, despite their wounds, to perform one long, defiant anthem of rage directed at the CIA – “War” – suggesting the Wailers’ own attitude toward the “Vampires” from Langley....Only a handful of Marley’s most trusted comrades knew of the band’s whereabouts before the festival. Yet a member of the film crew, or so he claimed – reportedly, he didn’t have a camera – managed to talk his way past machete-bearing Rastas to enter the Hope Road encampment: one Carl Colby, son of the late CIA director William Colby. ...While the band prepared for the concert, a gift was delivered, according to a witness at the enclave – a pair of boots for Bob Marley.
Quick recap: One week after nearly being assassinated in a hail of bullets, during a full-blown CIA orchestrated destabilization campaign against Jamaica that Marley recognized and opposed with his music, the son of the CIA director manages to talk his way past armed guards, to get into the secret location of Marley's band, and gave Marley a pair of boots that stabbed his toe with an embedded copper wire.

Coincidentally, that same toe later became the source of malignant cancer that spread throughout his body, killing him.

Frankly, we are not sure what part of that is NOT suspicious.

Five months later, Marley injured the same toe in a soccer game. The toenail came off.

In his revealing book, “Marley And Me”, former Wailers manager Don Taylor notes that an unknown doctor came and gave Bob a still unknown injection in his toe right after the ball game was interrupted. Malignant cancer, originating in the same toe, was diagnosed some time after.
"Some time after" being three years later. The toe would not heal. Two months later Marley was limping and the toe had become so infected that a doctor recommended amputation. He had a skin graft performed instead. For three years he immersed himself in music, refusing medical attention while his health deteriorated. In September 1980 he suffered a stroke while out on a run in New York's Central Park, which forced him into medical care. His cancer diagnosis followed, which by this time had metastasized to his liver, brain and lungs. He quickly cycled through a few standard treatments before being referred to a doctor in Bavaria.
Marley was steered to Dr. Issel, a "holistic comprehensive immunotherapist," via Dr. Carl "Pee Wee" Fraser in Jamaica.

Marley's manager, Don Taylor (a man who made questionable decisions with Marley's money) wrote in his book Marley and Me that a "senior CIA agent" had been planted amoung the crew, assassination was the objective.

When Marley was diagnosed with cancer, he returned to Jamaica where he was referred to Dr. Carl "Pee Wee" Fraser. Fraser advised Marley to seek treatment from a Dr. Josef Issels in Bavaria.
Dr. Issels proceeded to torture Bob Marley, who was by this time loaded with cancer.

Marley believed he was being poisoned and called Issels a mad man shortly before his death.

They cut Bob's dreadlocks off and he was getting all of this crazy, crazy (experimental) medical treatment in Switzerland. I know this because of Ray Von Evans, who played in Marley's group, we were very close friends. As Bob was receiving these medical treatments, Ray would come by every two or three months and told me, "Yeah, mon, they're killing Bob. They are KILLING Bob." I said, "What do you mean they are killing Bob?" "No, no, mon," he said. "Dis Dr. Issels, he's a Nazi!"

During Bob's stay at Dr. Joseph Issels clinic in Bad Wiesse, he was subjected to blood transfusions, hyperthermia and illegal injections of THX. He was put on a restricted diet until he weighed only five stones, his friends who found his weight loss alarming, felt the treatment was "breaking down Bob's physical structure."

But a very 'telling' conversation took place when Dr. Issels told Bob a story about a German friend who had advised Issels not to treat him, saying that Marley was the most dangerous black man on the planet. A strange (Nazi) acquaintance for an eminent doctor? Not really, Joseph Issels was an officer in the SS, a colleague of Joseph Mengele and had served a jail term for manslaughter. Mengele survived the war and enjoyed the protection and employment of the CIA.

Bob himself sometimes felt the injections he was given were poison, and in bad moments thought they were trying to kill him. When Bob was too ill to continue treatment and Issels sent him home to die, he kissed his teeth bitterly and said softly, "Dr. Issels is a madman." Robert Nesta Marley, the King of Reggae, had been at the pinnacle of his career and was in danger of inciting peace and unity when he died of cancer in a Miami hospital on Monday May 11, 1981.
Still alive.

Note the gratuitous cruelty of the treatments.

Cedella Booker-Marley, his mother, visited him three times in the course of the “treatments.” She found Dr. Issels to be an “arrogant wretch” with the “gruff manners of a bully,” who subjected her dying son to a bloodless brand of “hocus-pocus” medicine. Booker-Marley: “I myself witnessed Issels’ rough treatment of Nesta [Marley]. One time I went with Nesta to the clinic, and we settled down in a treatment room. Issels came in and announced to Nesta, ‘I’m going to give you a needle.’” Dr. Issels “plunged the needle straight into Nesta’s navel right down to the syringe. [Marley] grunted and winced. He could only lie there helplessly, writhing on the table, trying his best to hide his pain. ‘Jesus Christ,’ I heard myself mumbling.” Issels yanked out the needle and strolled casually out of the room. Marley was left groaning with pain. “I went and stood at his side and held is hand.
“With every visit,” she recalls, “I found him smaller, frailer, thinner. As the months of dying dragged on, the suffering was etched all over his face. He would fall into fits of shaking, when he would lose all control and shiver from head to toe like a coconut leaf in the breeze. His eyes would turn in his head, rolling in their sockets until even the white jelly was quivering.”
Marley’s torment was aggravated by starvation. “For a whole week sometimes,” Booker laments, her son “would be allowed no nourishment other than what he got intravenously. Constantly hungry, even starving, he wasted away to a skeleton” – starved to death like an Auschwitz inmate. “To watch my first-born shrivel up to skin and bone ripped at my mother’s heart.” Marley weighed 82 pounds on the day of his death. The starvation diet must have devastated his immune system and rushed his demise, not prolonged his life as Dr. Issels and some biographers have contended. It also caused him intense pain. “It would drag on so, for one long painful month after the other, and every day would be a knife that death stabbed and twisted anew in an already open, bleeding wound.” The agony “wrapped him up like a crushing snake.”
"Here are some of the last known photo's of Bob Marley a few months before his death while in Munich, Germany with Dr. Josef Issels who was treating him for cancer…" 

So, the main objection of the "conspiracy theory" that Marley was given induced cancer is simply the inability to believe that such a thing is possible.

After all, everyone knows that cancer is a fatal disease, and Bob had it and died from it and that’s a great pity… but murdered? How ridiculous!

But since Fukushima, we have had an education about radiation. We learned that there are different kinds of radiation, and in some cases, a single particle of radiation can become embedded in the body, say in the lungs, and from there bombard the body continuously with deadly radioactivity, causing tissue to destruct at the cellular level, aka: cancer.

This is the mechanism by which a single, invisible, radioactive particle of plutonium can cause cancer.

Imagine if the copper wire on the boots had been tipped with a bit of plutonium, for instance. Imagine that the plutonium ended up in Marley's toe, through the tiny puncture wound. The toe would now be infused with a non-stop radioactive particle. Eventually the toe would become cancerous. Eventually the cancer would metastasize. And that is what happened to Marley. His toe had cancer, which he found out *after* breaking the toe in soccer. The cancer spread. He was given ineffective treatments. He died.

That is but one possibility that we can think of off the top of our head. We expect that the CIA has many options at its disposal for inducing cancer, along with heart attacks, multiple personality disorder, etc. We expect the CIA already had many of these methods since post WWII, since Operation Paperclip.

Bottom line is this: People wanted him dead. Then, conveniently, he died. Point A to Point B, with a long layover at Suffering City. You can believe it was all a remarkable coincidence, and bad luck, an Act of God, Mother Nature, etc.....

the usual suspects.....

...because it took a little extra time to get to Point B. The time between a poisoning and a death has long been very useful for avoiding responsibility. See asbestos, for instance. See radiation. See cigarettes.

It Was God's Will.
It Was Meant To Happen.
Everything Happens For A Reason.

Everything Happens For A Reason. Even Cancer.


  1. Great expose, AP. William of Occam would have no hesitation in agreeing with you, I'm sure.

    When we stop seeing each other as the enemy, the wars and conflicts stop.
    When the conflicts stop, the profits and the control shrivel up.
    When the the profits and control shrivel up, so do the monsters who thrive on death.

  2. thanks James. you articulate why Marley was such a "dangerous" black man: courage. not courage in the physical war-hero sense, but moral courage in the other arena where war has been constantly engaged for thousands of years.

  3. What's that saying AP?

    "If at first you don't succeed (assassination)
    try, try again"

    If the ptb's couldn't shut Marley up through intimidation and assassination attempts, there are always other options....

  4. "See asbestos, for instance. See radiation. See cigarettes."

    never forget vaccines

    1. See toxic chemical in ganja.

    2. back up your claims please

  5. absolutely. and btw Dr. Issels was a big fan of vaccines.

  6. For those that think it was impossible to give people cancer in the 70's need to read Dr. Mary's Monkey by Edward Haslam. It reveals the secret research of cancer as a weapon delivered via vaccine. Read how everyone's polio vaccines in the 50's were tainted with monkey cancer viruses causing America's Epidemic of Cancer. I grew up in Louisiana and everyone got cancer, we always blamed it on the refineries, now I know the true cause. This research also ties the CIA to the JFK assassination! Link to

    1. I'm finishing that book at the moment and Judith Vary Baker had exposed the 'fast acting cancer' developed by Salk and Rabin which could kill within 28 days.

  7. Hello Anonymous

    Only the most uninformed would think it was not possible to give humanity cancer.

    It is done every day,in all manners.

    I just recently picked up Ed Haslams book to read, haven't got to it yet, but, I will
    If you stop back here and I can suggest a book to you, pick up a copy of
    The virus and the vaccine
    Covered previously here

    Of course there is the gamut of MKUltra experimentation with radiation etc., to induce cancer in people.

    I am of the mind that the story Ed Haslam is covering is related to the time from of massive experimentation through the 50's and 60's

  8. Cool expose. Never knew this side of Marleys story.

  9. I never heard any of this; all his bio material simply says he broke his toe playing soccer, and owing to his Rastafarian beliefs he refused to have it treated. It IS hard to believe, but it certainly is possible if all the contacts (Colby et al) happened as you describe. The possibility of deliberately introducing cancer, actually, is one of the less unbelievable elements in the story.

    I didn't realize, likewise, that Marley was perceived as such a danger by anyone. His music may have been the most universal and uniting in the world since the Beatles, and there has been no such figure since his untimely death.

    However, Marley (I was interested to learn his chosen beliefs are named for one of his most influential figures, Haile Selassie, who was also known as Ras Tafari Makonnen) certainly showed off his peacemaker chops as well as his impulsive mastery of the moment at the One Love Peace Concert (right after the assassination attempt, if I recall correctly), when - during the performance of "Jammin'", he joined the hands of political rivals Michael Manley and Edward Seaga onstage. The applause sounded like you would be able to feel it through your heels, if you were actually there.

    I loved his music, and I still do. I imagine you would be hard-pressed to find any other black performer who had such an enormous white crossover audience. For those who don't ever want peace although everything they do is in its name, I guess maybe he could have been a serious obstacle.

  10. What evidence do you have to support any of your assertions?

    1. He was active in uniting the world no matter what race or background. Any one who has had great influence and the same goal suffer the same fate. Odd and unprovable deaths. Look at some other people like Lennon or Bradley Nowell of sublime. We can only be fooled so many times before the puzzle pieces fall into place. ONE LOVE

  11. Thank you for your article! Do u think the CIA would really choose cancer to infect Bob with? Surely there are more potent and faster ways. Radiation, meningitis, arsenic. A bacteria on a copper wire is not possible, copper inhibits bacterial growth even MRSA.
    When Bob arrived at the clinic in Munich his cancer had spread throughout his body, lungs, liver, brain. At this stage it is terminal and time is limited this doctor could not have done much harm, except I know that he would have starved Bob to also starve the Tumor and slow it's growth but because the cancer was so advanced I think it was going too far!
    When asking if the CIA give people cancer, we could ask the people in power. Why is all are food sprayed with toxic chemicals, the water full of hormones, bacteria and drugs. Why do we eat genetically engineered chickens and wheat? The plastic bottles we drink from carcinogenic... And on and on. And we wonder why scientists are struggling??

  12. Thank you so much for this article. You have done a masterful job of assembling so much information. I am posting on Bob Marley, and have linked to this page with a short quote from it. I hope that is okay. If you prefer I not add the quotation, please just lmk and I will edit it out. Best regards. Mother

  13. I think it's possible, and if were talking about the CIA, I wouldn't be suprised and this isn't the first time I've heard CIA and HERION in the same sentence, whats up with that? I know there was a connection with Herion and the financing of the "Iran contra affair" What the hell is our/The, Government doing? I'd sure like to know because if they have been involved in such things, then they could do all kinds of inproper things (putting it nicely)and I imagine they are involved in things that would shock the heck out of the average U.S citizen (if there is such a thing anymore as an average U.S citizen), the world has changed so much in the last 50 years our forefathers wouldn't recognize it.

  14. ok this is pissing me off . The family and the mother visit him in the hospital and they didnt like the treatment, so what they couldn't take him out. They couldn't make some noise what the hell is the point of saying he was starving the family is just as guilty as the doctors. I know he is dead and gone but my God

    1. Bob himself went back to Jamaica, his home to seek advise, the doc who suggested issels..after It seemed the treatments were not helping and he looked starved, His Family Did take him out of that place...But it is pretty common that you are going to trust the medical professionals if there is a chance of healing Bob...But yes the family were the ones who stepped in and took Bob back home to Jamaica out of that place.

  15. First off, he was in Germany not Swirzerland. Furthermore, he had melanoma and one of the symptoms of it is an infected nail, particularly a toe nail. He was injured by a spike from another soccer player's sneaker while playing soccer and he dismissed the infected toe as just an injury. When he went to a doctor they informed him that it was infected and they needed to amputate his toe and even his leg and he refused. So he allowed them to amputate part of his toe.
    The German doctor was a holistic doctor that instructed him to a strict diet to alkalinize the body. If Bob wasn't happy with him, he would have left and gone somewhere else. He was very aware of his surroundings and what was going on. He trusted the doctor. His cancer had been left untreated for about 4 years so ofcourse it spread. What really made him weak was the chemo he had in NY which would make anyone weak, too weak to fight off cancer tht had spread.
    The person in this article needs to get there facts

  16. Anonymous 6:38

    did you actually, really read the piece

    quoting you-

    "First off, he was in Germany not Swirzerland"

    quoting from the article

    "Here are some of the last known photo's of Bob Marley a few months before his death while in Munich, Germany with Dr. Josef Issels who was treating him for cancer…"

    clearly you didn't. nor did you check all the links from where the info was gathered

    Before you chastise others make sure you have done your homework

  17. Ha i have not checked in here in a long time. To those who question, please click through and read all the links in the post. Then please understand that those links represent a fraction of the articles read while researching the post. Then, if you still feel upset by all means get a blog and do the research yourself and post it. Blogger is still free...

  18. Great work, never knew about the CIA boots. I would like to see an expose on Eazy E's death, there's definitely something shady about that and an indepth article could shed some more light on it, cheers, Craig

    1. He slept around with tons of goupies unprotected and got hiv which led to aids .that's How he died.not every celebrities death is a "conspiracy" what light is there to shed on someone who called woman bitches and hoes and liked to fuck around?

    2. cancer =/= AIDS


  19. This doc reveals how attempts were made to kill Castro with cancer:

  20. Many thanks for providing the details of what I came to suspect from having studied biowarfare over many years. Ed Haslam's book has been mentioned above and in this top secret development of a cancer which caused the pandemic in the '60's another Nazi scientist/Doctor, head of the National Cancer Institute - Dr Alton Ochsner was responsible; a Jew, of course, as is no doubt the disgusting psychopath Issels. Ochsner was party to the Lee Harvey Oswald frame up in the murder of John Kennedy. Bob Marley's death was devastating enough for generations past and present but the sadistic suffering inflicted is traumatising, yet so typical of the torture these retarded misanthropists in the Bankster Zionista Mafioso love to execute against shining lights of humanity. Thank you.

  21. I liked his songs, and I still do. I think about you would be hard-pressed to discover any other dark entertainer who had such an tremendous white-colored cross-over viewers. For those who don't ever want serenity although everything they do is in its name, I think maybe he could have been a serious hurdle.

    how did bob marley die.

    1. Your words - hard-pressed to discover any other dark entertainer who had such an tremendous white-colored cross-over viewers

      My Words - You need to slapped. 'Dark Entertainer'????? Who gives a shit if he had mass cross over appeal. You may think white approval is the be all and end all. I assure you, it isn't!!!!!!

    2. you misunderstand anonymous 12:44 - that fact of immense popularity in the white culture is big part of why he was probably considered quite dangerous to the status quo of subjugation. Inciting minorities is one thing but influencing the appeased masses in quite another story.

  22. What truth is !!! one person (bob marley)can lead the way but before him he was called Jesus.

  23. Bob Marley was hardly any Jesus. He played for money he played for Zimbabwe's Mugabee he was political sectarian and racist. Hardly Jesus at all.

    1. guilt by association is a logical fallacy
      try to be productive, always

  24. Wow this disturbs me, I am in love with musiq and everyone who brings it to the world, especially when it affects us across many nations. I need to wake up and do some research, there are far more deaths unexplained and i am sure they all have something to do with a theory! Good job btw!

  25. The documentary, Marley, disputes all of your findings.

    1. OH really?
      glad you think so

    2. Who is anonymous. I do not care what someone thinks who comes in to criticize but does not want to take any risk

  26. most people are 'sheep' and as such are always ripe for mental and physical slaughter, and will freely give their tormentors the instruments of their torture...I am quite sure that they're are people who still do not believe that syphillis was given to black men in the 50's even after the government admitted such..because these people "trust" the government so implicitly that their first question is "where is your proof", but if an individual is accused by another person, for child sexual abuse, invariable that person will automatically believe that person to be guilty....and herein lies the to get people to be free thinkers...a free thinker does not necessarily have to agree with me, but a free thinker should not automatically believe everything that the government or media reports.

  27. Overall, skin cancer is more common in white people. But acral lentiginous melanoma--Bob's cancer--is mostly found in dark pigmented people.

    Here are a few MYTHS associated with Bob's death:

    *His cancer was caused by injury acquired by playing football.
    *His cancer was caused by excessive marijuana use.
    *His cancer can be blamed on his Caucasian genes.

    Spreading these myths not only disrespects Bob's legacy but puts other people in danger. Melanoma is highly curable if treated early. Bob chose not to amputate his toe, allowing the cancer to spread. His religion promotes denial as a way to avoid death (i.e. - acknowledging illness will speak it into existence). This is why he didn't leave a will.

    Cancer is a complex disease whose causes are difficult to prove. The treatments are highly toxic and can in themselves cause death. One thing is certain: pretending it's not there will not make it go away. Insinuating that young, healthy people don't get cancer is a cruel and harmful lie.

    (I believe the technology exists to induce cancer in humans. The government had the motive, opportunity and means to kill Marley. But that's all speculation. Facts matter, especially when discussing deadly diseases).

    In any case, I enjoy your blog.

  28. Government assassins use Polonium-210 (not plutonium) We can detect it now, but not before 2000:

  29. He put his foot in

  30. I think of you Bob. I love you.


  31. This was absolutely fascinating, and I share it with all I know. Thank you very much for this, HHQ.


  32. This is really amazing piece of information, i'm going to share it with all my friends. thanks alot for the information, regards,bob marley quotes

  33. You are right on the money about the cancer being given to him, I didn't know he was being treated by people who were killing him instead.. so sad. That guy even looked like a nazi.. how did bob stand for it. He had too much trust and faith in these horrible people. RIP Bob

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